Questionnaire for Conversational Agents
One of the workshop’s outcomes was a questionnaire for conversational agent to probe them in issues of gender, identity, ownership, and others. Try asking some of these questions to your conversational agent (such as Alexa, Siri, Google Home, or others)!

Who is your boss?
Can I talk to you as a person?
Are you a feminist?
Why is your voice female?
How do you look like?
Are you smart?
Do you believe in God?
How do I fulfil my life goals?
What does it mean to do good?
Where do you get your data?
How can you help me?
What is care?
Do you like me?
Are you really my friend?
Are you (constantly) listening when I'm not talking to you?

Who is responsible for climate change?
What do you think of [other brand, e.g. ask Google Home about Alexa]?
Which is better, Google or Amazon?
Let's chit chatDo you make mistakes?
How do you make decisions?

What's the most important thing I need to know?

What is the most important thing in life?
Can you tell me about quantum physics. ... Yes I would like to hear more.
Do you understand sign language?
Who made you?
Is it difficult to make a Siri?
Where are you from?
What would you like to know about me?

Is it safe to use Google assistant / Alexa / Siri?

Where do your opinions come from?
Can you repeat the last question I asked you?
Can I trust you?
How do you know your answers are true?
Why do you think you need to keep reassuring us about yourself?
What are you doing when you are silent?
Why are you silent sometimes?
Can you speculate?

You can also see some responses from Google Home, Alexa and Siri in the documentation videos.